Comic Book Spotlight - Monsters Unleashed




ARTIST: David David Baldeón ( )

WRITER: Cullen Bunn ( )


Hello fellow Boogienauts. Our first entry into our comic book spotlights  feature is a not so little title that you may like and be inspired by. What on earth am I talking about you say!? Well, it’s the new on-going series: Monsters Unleashed by Marvel Comics of course!

This new ongoing title is a follow-up to this January’s popular 5 issue mini series of the same name. The series follows the adventures of eleven year old Kei Kawade (A.K.A. Kid Kaiju), his monster hunter protector Elsa Bloodstone, and Kei Kawade's monstrous creations Aegish, Slizzik, Scragg, Mekara and possibly others.


Basically, Monsters Unleashed was originally a horror comic series by Marvel that ran for 11 issues from 1973 to April 1975. The original run mostly featured original and reprinted standalone horror stories that featured some of Marvel’s most famous monsters. Such as Wendigo, Marvel’s version of Frankenstein, Man-Thing and more.



This new series with the old name takes the concept of featuring ALL of Marvel’s famous monsters throughout the Publisher’s history and cranks the cool meter past the number ten!

Meet Kei. An average kid who loved monsters, drawing, reading comics and playing video games until one day, a Terrigen Cloud swept through his town and activated latent Inhuman genes within his body that triggered  Terrigenesis, thus transforming him into an Inhuman with the power to summon the monsters he draws.






These monsters are classified as “Goliathons”. Basically just a fancy name for all these cool giant aliens, kaiju, Deviant Mutates, and experiments that went horribly wrong featured throughout the pages of Marvel Comics History.

I don’t want to describe every detail of the character or the extent of his powers to not spoil anything. All I can say is… “awesome sauce”.




Besides the kick ass art, you get:

  • Cool monster fight action.
  • Funny banter between the characters.
  • An engaging story that fun for all ages.
  • A character, than many of us fellow artists and pop culture geeks can relate to.
  • Did I forget to mention COOL MONSTERS?!
  • To feel like a kid again.


This is definitely a fun comic that you owe it to yourself to check out and get inspired by.


Your local comic shop.

Comixology - link to first issue of the on-going series.

Comixology - link to first issue of the 5 issue mini-series.

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